To all the Tumblr users who tend to use tags very liberally:


Let’s play a game. Type the following words into your tags box, then post the first automatic tag that comes up:

  • you
  • also
  • what
  • when
  • why
  • how
  • look
  • because
  • never



"Glad to see you made it out of DC, Captain. That was some messy business."

"They told us you were dead. How—"

"Well, there’s been a change in management, so those unfortunate oversights shouldn’t happen again. If you don’t mind, we have a lot of ground to cover, and not a lot of time."

Clark Gregg at the Dallas International Film Festival 2014

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#headcanon A head-turner for Coulson is a curvy woman in a wiggle skirt. Ayup

I appreciate many people and their forms when appropriate. But you’re certainly not wrong, Agent.


If you message me, do not put “sorry for wasting your time” or “sorry for bothering you” at the end of your message!!! I’ve seen this way too many times. You are not a waste of my time. You are not a waste of anyone’s time. You are not a waste of time period. Please never say or think that ever again

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nick fury has got his arms around natasha like she’s the mother of his child and tony stark is that child and they’ve just heard the news about what tony did at school today and they don’t know how to best discipline him or how they manged to raise such a failure of a child


Rangers from 2nd Battalion conduct airborne training.


  • Deadpool # 25

I can’t fucking believe this

I love organic ships.

I love it when a relationship builds over months and takes both players completely by surprise.

I love it when there’s a spark and you know instantly that your characters are supposed to be in each other’s lives. 

I love how many different combinations of random moments there are that can just create an amazing story between two muses.

I love going into a plot without the intention of shipping, and then you see the potential there, and it’s undeniable, no matter what you wanted. 

I love ships that play like real life- that have fights, that have lazy rainy days, that have insecurities even after they’ve fallen in love and should be completely secure with one another.


can you show off the cool face you make when the camera comes up to you?

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