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Happy (late) birthday drawing for dammit-clint

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The Avengers as a Western

Steve is the Sheriff. Clint is his deputy. Tony is the Blacksmith. Natasha runs the Saloon. Bruce is the physician with a split personality and Thor gets into a hell of a lot of tavern brawls.

Together, however, they manage to bring order to the once corrupt town of Triskelion.

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If you’re gonna fight a war, you’ve gotta wear a uniform.

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women of the mcu → Natasha Romanoff (Captain America: The Winter Soldier)

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stark tower ⇉ avengers tower
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Steve & Phil

don’t be so shocked. for a quiet guy, you make a lot of noise.



No, but think about this. We’ve seen the Winter Soldier face Fury’s car.

Maybe he’s done the same with Howard. Maybe his hair wasn’t so long yet. Maybe he wasn’t wearing a mask. Maybe Howard saw his face in the headlights for just a second.

Maybe Howard and Maria died in a car crash. Maybe Howard swerved to not hit a ghost.



I’m a bit slow so I just realized

Coulson is the new director of shield

But Coulson is supposed to be dead

So what are they going to tell people? Agents?

Hey come work with us, we were kinda bad because we were infiltrated by hydra but now we’re ok

We cannot tell you who the new director is though

Like how is that supposed to help rebuild any kind of trust in shield?


clint barton is the kind of guy who can hit a fly from 100m away with a bow and arrow but if you yell think fast and throw something at him he will not catch it and it will hit him in the face

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my mind is blown by the fact that I made it to 900 followers, and to celebrate I thought I would do a Part 2 of my Follow Forever from when I hit 400 { x } 

the people who are near and dear to my heart

shieldirector - one of my best friends, I love talking to her about headcanons and marvel in general and Mickey is always there for me when I need her. Her Phil is one of my favorites and I can always count on her to make me feel better after a long day, I’m forever grateful she helped convince me to make this blog 

ask-agentcoulsonflux-capacitardcouragegolden - another reason I made this blog in the first place. Kelly is amazing and I love talking to her about every fandom, and she’s such a sweetie - I love being friends with her 

behindthetrxgger - a while back I lost my muse and I was considering deleting, but then Moose sent me a crack meme, and Winterhacker was born. Since then we have talked about everything and anything and they are such an amazing Bucky that sometimes I’m just in awe

aliasnovnagobliophobicwhodoesntlikeflowers - Ruby has more blogs, and I will gladly follow every single one. She’s so talented and I am definitely part of her fan club. I’m so glad we are friends and I know I can talk to her about anything

hacktxvistopportuniists - June is one of the few people I talk to daily, and easily one of the greatest Skye’s on here. She’s such a sweetheart and I’m very grateful to call her my friend

steppingonyourmomentthermxdynamicsissomethingonmyface - KT has other muses and all of them are amazing. She’s such a wonderful person to talk to and I love her writing, and talking to her about random things

gravesnguns - literally one of the best multimuse/oc rp’ers out there. She has so much passion and heart and I am so glad that we got to talking. She’s such a talented friend 

soldieringxon - such an amazing Steve, and so talented and so nice, I love talking to you and I’m so glad Steve and Skye interact 

meantfxrmore - Heath is just as sweet as the candy bar, and there Steve is one of my favorite. I talk to them about all the random scenarios in my head, and she is always willing to listen 

neverskydivingagain - one of my first Jemma’s and someone who will always be close to both Skye’s and my heart (I also sometimes accidentally type her url as neverSKYEdivingagain because thats how much I love her character)

benji-tech-dunn - MY LITTLE RED PANDA HACKER SWEETHEART - I love Benji and Belle and they are so talented

the-hawk-in-his-nest - such an amazing Clint and an equally as amazing mun, I’m so glad that we get to talk when we do, and seeing you on my dash always makes me smile 

awaken-the-monster - the Grant Ward that made me ship Skyeward. Jess is hella talented and really gets Ward in a way the writers don’t 

engineeringlion - A Fitz so good they make me cry, and I love all of our threads and talking to them ooc

brokenbiochemist - this Jemma is easily one of my favs and I love talking to them so much. Plus her name is Jenna and she’s the sweetest

twicebittxn - Abi is adorable and is such an Amazing Peter, I can’t believe she’s so close to me, it seems so far 

katesgotabow - the Kate Bishop I fell in love with on my personal, she’s so amazing and I love talking to her

thebiochemiss - such an amazing Jemma, and one of the sweetest people ever, she’s such a joy to talk to 

iamxwintersoldier - such an amazing Bucky, and a total sweetheart 

ibelongnowhere - such a sweetie pie, I love talking to her <3 

redroomdropout - amazing oc equally as amazing mun 

skyetheo84 - the first Skye I followed, and a great friend 

tawghasa - not an rp blog, but also one of the reasons Skye even exists, I love talking to her, she’s such a joy 

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